You have a book to write… you could almost say it is a calling.  

One of the biggest hindrances to becoming a successful recognized author is the challenge of making your way through that long, publishing journey.  

While it’s important to take your first step, it is equally important to ensure you are taking the right steps.  

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What our clients are saying


The first step is to WRITE. You get professional proofreading of your book along with coaching to get it to where your vision sees it.


In this step you get all your publishing design needs taken care of, including book cover design and interior layout design.


If you so choose, in step 3, we prepare a detailed Marketing Strategy Plan with timelines and milestones. An Author website is also designed and created to scale distribution.

You Might Be Wondering...

How much will it cost?

We have five main packages available in the Making the Book™ Track. Prices start at $1,650.

Do I need a major platform to be successful?

It won't hurt! While it is true that those with major platforms attract lucrative publishing deals, don't discount the small guy making it big! We created the Marketing Package to give those so inclined a major advantage in promoting their book. It is never easy, but with a clear path, major success is attainable.

Can you help me write my book?

We’re glad you asked! We sure can. Our streamlined process works best if you have a manuscript ready for production; however, if you are in need of coaching all the way to ghostwriting services, we can custom quote your project to get you to the finish line.

What are typical timelines to get my book published?

The full timeline is 8-10 weeks with a manuscript that's ready to go. If your manuscript needs major development, that timeline gets adjusted accordingly.

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